We were invited on a last minute camping trip to Yosemite with Darian, Mike and Felix! Of course, said Davey! I sadly had to stay behind since my company is currently undergoing a financial  audit, but they are having a blast, despite the literally freezing temperatures! It snowed! In June!
The first day they ride bikes and saw bears! 

The second day, they woke to snow capped half-dome and snow on the trees.

Then they rock climbed with Mike! Davey said Kenzie is acting like a teenager- running off with her friends instead of hanging out with him. And so it begins. 

Cassidy (above). Yikes! She’s so high! This was her first time!

Kenzie, above. She loves rock climbing!

Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day with a post 50th Anniversary party at the house. Of course there was time at the beach and then a fun time with DeeDee, Ryan, Kiara and Christine. 

When we had to say goodbye to the Potters, Cassidy cried so hard. The next morning, she drew these pictures for them. 

Happy 50th Anniversary

Davey’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and having a party! 

Almost the entire family came to celebrate!

Noelle and Chaska

Cassidy trying on moms veil from her wedding. The veil from the original ceremony 50 years ago caught on fire when it brushed against the flame of a candle. Mom salvaged it and cut off the burnt parts. Looks good as new!


Cassidy and Penny. ❤️

Adelaide and Noelle


Penny, Peter, Kenz and Noelle

Mom still has these from her wedding!

Magnum of champagne!Napkins saved from 50 years ago!

The cake topper from their wedding. Barb Biehl made her famous carrot cake. Delicious!

Then mom and dad renewed their vows.

And toasted each other.
And Davey toasted them, too.

Kenzie, Davey, June and Jake


Candace, me and Denise

Christine and CassidyJake, Ande, Melody, DeeSee, Dan, Christine, Darlene, Chiara, Ryan, Nicolas, Jack and Davey

Great Grandpa Gong’s 90th Birthday!

Happiest of Birthdays to Tai-Gung/Gung Gung! 90 years and you have accomplished so much! You are always encouraging and a great role model. When asked if you ever drink alcohol – you said, “No, I never acquired a taste for it.” You don’t smoke, thankfully. We love you and thank you for all of your support over the years.



Steve, Doria, Megan, Matty, Boston, Gung, Pau, Kaleena, Chris, Ricksen, Nick, Tristan, Judy and Luke.

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Cassidy’s graduation 

I can hardly believe our time at ElMo has come to an end. While we are so excited about being at Peabody, a part of me will miss Elmo. 

Cassidy cried this morning on the way to school because she was so sad she’d be leaving her teachers. She loves them so much.

But she cheered up when we asked her where she wanted to eat for her celebratory meal. Rice and beans, of course! So we went to Los Agaves, and even let her order her favorite soda, orange Fanta! She was kind and shared with Daddy.