Birthday girl! 

We celebrated Cassidy’s 5th birthday party with lots of friends at a backyard Balto the Sled Dog birthday party. Cassidy learned about the Iditarod at school and then we watched this movie and ever since, she’s been absolutely obsessed. The amazing Hannah did face painting and we had sled races and even made doggie ears. 

Disneyland days 2 and 3

As relaxing as Disney California Adventures was, Disneyland was chaotic. But we had fun. We split up for some of the time. Cassidy is terrified of any ride that goes into a dark tunnel – yes, this includes Small World, where she whimpered through the first half of it. We waited in line for 45 minutes for Buzz Lightyear, only to have her freak out just before boarding. Sigh. But she loved the teacups and the shows and her two favorites, Astro Orbiters and Dumbo. Kenzie loved Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad. I loved hyperspace mountain, which is a Star Wars themed space mountain and I was so proud of kenz for going on that with us. She was all giggles and speechless afterwards!! So bummed I didn’t get more pix of the girls with my parents though!


My parents spoiled us with 3 crazy days at Disney to celebrate Cassidy’s 5th birthday! 

After a very long (4.5 hour)) drive down we went to the Packing District for dinner. We thought it would be a conglomeration of restaurants. We didn’t realize how loud and non relaxing it would be. But we made the most of it and even enjoyed some pretty amazing desserts!

The first day, we spent at California Adventures. We enjoyed many rides and even had lunch with all the princesses at Ariel’s Grotto. 

Then we saw Mickey heading down the street and Cassidy ran to hold his hand. So cute

My mom and the girls really loved getting a drawing lesson and every one did really well!

Next to the drawing lesson we’re Anna and Elsa. Of course the kids had to see them!

Kenzie arrived at Disney trying to be a cool big kid that was too old for princesses and cartoons. She left with a big goofy grin, hugging princesses and singing Disney songs. 

Here, she was absolutely star-struck.  She couldn’t even speak – and if you know Kenz, that’s rare! 

Cassidy was so excited about her birthday button!

Phew! And that was just day 1!